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What did I think of Oasis’ latest album? Err, it’s good, but………

Honestly now, it’s been 3 days since I bought dig out your soul from Sembawang music store at raffles city. The music’s great. Oasis have delved into their old school rock and roll style of music that made them famous in the first place. But some how, I felt that there was something seriously lacking in the whole CD.

While Oasis have retained their brit-rock style and chemistry, I felt the one thing that I loved about them just wasn’t there in this album. That is – their anthem style chorus that made so many of their songs great. I think back to the time where I would scream out (with no one looking) “sooooo, Sally can wait…” with their smash hit Don’t look back in anger.

So while they retained their distinctive oasis’ flavour, the song hooks in dig out your soul just didn’t seem to match up to their previous few albums.

It’s not all bad though. I personally enjoyed a few of their tracks very much. Bag it up and I’m outta time are my favourites for this album.

Enough of me, what do you think?

When I found out that Daryl (author of Unique Frequency) had managed to catch Jason Mraz live in Toronto, I immediately asked him to help me out with a quick review on the goings on. Daryl’s a big music fan that listens to his fair share of music, in fact, you can find some of his personal opinions on music on his personal blog. Thanks Daryl!

If you’re a big fan of Mr AZ (and you should be!) then you gotta give this post a good read. So without further adieu….

Jason Mraz is currently on tour, and I travelled to Massey Hall in Toronto from Kingston to catch him, and what a show it was! The tour is a promotional tour for the “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” album, and he performed virtually all the songs from his new album, as well as the all-time favourites “You And I Both” as well as “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”.

One of the really fun things that the audience could do was sms in messages and they would appear right on the screen behind him, and later in the show we could send picture attachments by phone, and they would appear on the screen as well.

As someone who caught Jason Mraz in Singapore back in 2006 at the Esplanade but missed him at Singfest, I’ve not had a live Mraz fix for a long time, and of course, he didn’t disappoint. Whether it was slow ballads or fast-get-off-your-feet tunes, every song was performed perfectly, musically and lyrically.

One thing I always enjoyed about Jason Mraz shows is how he gets the audience involved. There were fairly simple actions accompanying “The Dynamo Of Volition” (that audiences who were at Singfest should be familiar with), as well as great sing-along parts for “I’m Yours”, which was undoubtedly the song with the loudest welcome from the crowd.

Overall, it was an excellent performance and I don’t think anyone in the crowd was disappointed. If you want to catch all the songs performed live in video, head on over to for a full run down

By chance/random, I stumbled upon the comedic and musical genius of Flight of the Conchords.

Hailing from New Zealand, Flight of the Conchords consists of Bret Mckenzie and Jermaine Clement. The two seldom brandish anything more than 2 folk guitars, but their enthusiastic wit never fails to shine through in their performances.

Music and comedy isn’t exactly a brand new concept. Weird Al has done a great job with it and so has Tenacious D. But Flight of the Conchords really shines at the live performances. I personally love the fact that they can come up with a wide range of styles and songs and they often sing about different things. That’s something that really keeps them interesting.

But enough of what I have to say, check out their vids.


Song: The Humans are Dead (A personal favourite)

Song: The Hiphopopotamus vs the Rhymenoceros (They take on hip hop and its eccentricities)

Song: Beautiful Girl (A love song with some twisted humour)

That’s right ladies and gents, Sting‘s headed to Singapore.

I may not be Sting’s biggest fan, but I think his songwriting is really something special. Performing alongside lutenist Edin Karamazov, Sting will be performing songs from his classical album Songs from the Labyrinth.

Songs from the Labyrinth is Sting’s personal tribute to 16th century composer John Dowland. A pet project with Karamov, the album went on to take on the world’s classical charts by storm. Sting admits he is a newcomer to classical music, I guess he’s a really good newcomer given his success.

So I checked out a couple of songs on youtube and it truly sounds unique. Sting’s full electric band is replaced with a softer acoustic set up, making his voice come through stronger than ever.

I must admit however that I’m not completely won over by Sting’s crossover into classical music since I’m more interested in contemporary music. While Sting’s voice really shines, I miss his songs. When I watch Sting, I’m more interested in hearing his work than I am his voice.

So should you go for it?

From the looks of it, Sting is only going to be performing his works from Songs from the Labyrinth, so if you go there expecting him to break out into Englishman in New York, you’re certainly in for a rude shock. However, if you’ve listened to the album and just want to hear it live (classical stuff tends to sound much better live), then you’re in for a treat.

If you’re Sting’s biggest fan and are willing to spend money on anything Sting has to offer then you probably won’t need any persuading anyway.


DATE: 8 DEC 2008, MON
TIME 7.30pm (90mins)
VENUE: Esplanade concert hall
PRICE Adults: $100, $200, $300, $400, $600
Get your tickets at Sistic


Sting telling us how he went over to the dark(classical) side

Song: Can she excuse my wrongs. (I like this song the best)

Song: Weep you no more sad fountains

Song: Have you seen the bright lily grow

Jamie Cullum‘s really well known for his covers.

Looking at his cover of the wind cries mary, he really tries to do the Hendrix thing. It would be more authentic with a flaming piano I’m sure, something I’m sure Jimi would’ve done if he played the piano, and covers.

I know this comes at short notice, but I only just found out myself. Lifehouse will be performing at St James Power Station tomorrow, Saturday. Oh yea, EIC is opening for them (Good choice!)

In my opinion, Lifehouse has consistently come up with rock music that the ordinary pop music lover can relate to. Their smash hit ‘You and me’ received more than its fair share of play in Singapore.

Lifehouse has also come up recently with it’s album ‘Who we are’ which retains all the pop-rock sensibilities that got them famous in the first place. I’ve listened to ‘broken’ and think it’s pretty good. You can also find out a whole lot more about Lifehouse from their official site and their fansite.

More info on their appearance in Singapore can be found here.

I personally love this version of blind:

In memory of a hero…

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It’s been 2 days since a patriot of Singapore died. Rest in peace JBJ.

We were told that we need to pay millions of dollars every year for each of our leaders in order to ensure that the best people are always in power. You proved them wrong. You gave up your cushy government job and your money only to be insulted and treated with disdain. In my eyes you were more qualified than any other to be our leader.

Thanks for everything.



Being in the opposition in Singapore all these years has cost you dearly and you even had to sell off your properties. Any regrets?

I did not have many properties but I had to sell a bungalow in a very fashionable area in Singapore to pay the judgement obtained by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Having sold that, three years later I bought a small apartment, and then I had to sell that too. All in, I had easily about 12 to 13 suits to pay off. Some people say I was a fool. All I can say is I do not regret it because, to me, life is not all about making money and acquiring wealth. Life is doing something for the people around you.

Source: The Star