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I’m so totally gonna buy Guns n Roses’ Chinese Democracy album. JUST because of all the controversy that’s behind it.

For anyone who wants to know, Guns’ coming album that’s to be released has taken well over a decade and a whole lotta cash to make. But that’s not all – Music Radar recently a published 33 insane facts about the coming album and I think it’s a worthwhile read. If you’re remotely interested in Guns and Roses, you HAVE to read it.

For now, I’ll leave you with some clips gleaned from Youtube from the year’s (possibly decade’s) most controversial album. Who knows, you might actually like it before you buy the CD huh?

Chinese Democracy:

There was a time:


Rihanna Rihanna…

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Performances
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I’m not gonna mince my words on this one. I don’t like Rihanna.

I think she doesn’t look thaaaaat pretty and her voice is nothing much to crow about. Furthermore, I found the lyrics to umbrella mildly retarded. Worse still, news has it that the 20 year-old is already showing signs of diva-dom.

However, I have to admit that she does give a kickass live show.

I guess you don’t really need me to publicise that her show’s coming in two days since mediacorp radio‘s been blasting out her marketing campaign for the past few weeks. More info from sistic.

Vid: Umbrella Live at Dome42 (The one saving grace of Rihanna, a good live show, still I’m not shelling out $$ to watch her)

Partner with an amazingly cute songstress of course!

IN with the NEW, and IN with OLD

IN with the NEW, and IN with OLD

I recently discovered that one of my favourite 80s rock bands – Def Leppard has done a concert with Taylor Swift. The music is ok, but I somehow feel incredibly impressed.

Video: Pour some sugar on me (oh yea!)

Video: Love Story (This is Taylor’s, not bad)

I had the extremely good fortune of getting two tickets to watch the premiere of James Bond: Quantum of Solace from a very nice aunt!

As a movie buff, I’m honestly a little disappointed with the movie story et al. But when it came to the Bond theme song, I was IMPRESSED. And that’s all I’m gonna be talking about in this blog.

Firstly, the lineup: Alicia Keys and Jack White? Who in the world could’ve come up with that? As we all know, Ms Keys is well known for her slick R&B type ballads and Mr White of White Stripes fame is all Indie-Rocker. But who would’ve guessed that pairing didn’t just work, it rocked and grooved and thoroughly impressed this music buff.

The Song: Another way to Die IMO somehow managed to nail every single component of a great Bond song while displaying fully what the individual artists are capable of. Keys voice is just so sultry smooth, to me, she sounds better here than she does in her hit single: No one, the current fad in Singapore. Jack White somehow stays completely in element with his uber-cool retro guitar and his huge fuzzy guitar leads.

The song isn’t just another hit, it’s a Bond theme song. The music for this one just doesn’t disappoint. It has its blaring horn sections that totally remind the listener of all the old Bond classics. The Song stays in its ‘eerie’ minor key type of tune throughout. I just love it.

Here’s the Youtube link:

Anyways, what do you think?