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I commenced.

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just had the sudden urge to blog again. This time it’s about my graduation.

4 years of SMUgging and playing have got me through with a Bachelors Degree (Yay!) I’m pretty happy with my cert even though I graduated with Dishonours (AKA NIL laude).

Despite all my complaints about the school, I really did have some great times there, and I give credit to some of the awesomest friends one could ever ask for. If you know me, personally through all sorts of school events or classes, then I’m grateful to you for being a part of my life in SMU.

Commencement however, was a big disappointment. SMU’s president didn’t show up, I’m not even sure why.

Lim Chee Onn, (ex Chairman of Keppel) gave a rousing address to SMU’s class of 2009. Lemme summarise it for you:

1. Explanation of how the sub prime crisis came out

2. China and India are looking like great markets in the future

3. You guys might wanna look for opportunities where you can find it.

Gee, Mr Lim, for all the multi millions you’ve earned, maybe you could….. NOT RECITE THE NEWS???!!! T