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In many ways this song maintains many Coldplay characteristics:

  • Lyrics that sound nice but no one really understands
  • Great riffin’ guitars
  • Chris Martin’s easily identified falsetto
They seem to be a lot less emo this round though. Still waiting for them to write another sing-along anthem (scientist, viva la vida etc).

Eric Clapton replied “That’s the way I play.”
Taken from

Imagine what would’ve happened if he took every little criticism and tried to please everyone?
Sometimes you gotta go out there and just do your thing. Forget what other people say and know your sound. Sometimes.

Thanks for the great show in Singapore tonight Eric! I had a blast.


I had the extremely good fortune of getting two tickets to watch the premiere of James Bond: Quantum of Solace from a very nice aunt!

As a movie buff, I’m honestly a little disappointed with the movie story et al. But when it came to the Bond theme song, I was IMPRESSED. And that’s all I’m gonna be talking about in this blog.

Firstly, the lineup: Alicia Keys and Jack White? Who in the world could’ve come up with that? As we all know, Ms Keys is well known for her slick R&B type ballads and Mr White of White Stripes fame is all Indie-Rocker. But who would’ve guessed that pairing didn’t just work, it rocked and grooved and thoroughly impressed this music buff.

The Song: Another way to Die IMO somehow managed to nail every single component of a great Bond song while displaying fully what the individual artists are capable of. Keys voice is just so sultry smooth, to me, she sounds better here than she does in her hit single: No one, the current fad in Singapore. Jack White somehow stays completely in element with his uber-cool retro guitar and his huge fuzzy guitar leads.

The song isn’t just another hit, it’s a Bond theme song. The music for this one just doesn’t disappoint. It has its blaring horn sections that totally remind the listener of all the old Bond classics. The Song stays in its ‘eerie’ minor key type of tune throughout. I just love it.

Here’s the Youtube link:

Anyways, what do you think?

What did I think of Oasis’ latest album? Err, it’s good, but………

Honestly now, it’s been 3 days since I bought dig out your soul from Sembawang music store at raffles city. The music’s great. Oasis have delved into their old school rock and roll style of music that made them famous in the first place. But some how, I felt that there was something seriously lacking in the whole CD.

While Oasis have retained their brit-rock style and chemistry, I felt the one thing that I loved about them just wasn’t there in this album. That is – their anthem style chorus that made so many of their songs great. I think back to the time where I would scream out (with no one looking) “sooooo, Sally can wait…” with their smash hit Don’t look back in anger.

So while they retained their distinctive oasis’ flavour, the song hooks in dig out your soul just didn’t seem to match up to their previous few albums.

It’s not all bad though. I personally enjoyed a few of their tracks very much. Bag it up and I’m outta time are my favourites for this album.

Enough of me, what do you think?