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As you might have gathered from this post, I am quite the muppets fan. So when I was travelling in New York last december, I made it a point to watch the muppets for ‘mature’ audiences. As a parody of Sesame Street, it scores.

Avenue Q’s inventive reworking of sesame street really got me hooked from the opening theme “It sucks to be me” all the way till the end. By writing the cynical lyrics of the jaded working class and putting it to a children’s show type of tune, Avenue Q certainly makes anĀ  impact. Couple all that with puppets that show uncanny similarities to the muppets of our childhood and you get a Tony Award winning Musical.

This musical isn’t going to resonate with everyone. If you only want to watch nice happy, uplifting type musicals like mamma mia and coarse humour (there is an actual puppet sex scene) is the bane of your life, you might want to save your money for something more tame. Otherwise, Avenue Q is sure to entertain.

Oh yea, did I mention they’re coming to Singapore?

Details for the Singapore tour can be found here.

Oh and if you’re interested in watching some clips, you can head to Avenue Q’s website.

PS: I have heard that cast that is on tour is from the Philippines and not the States. Just thought you should know.