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When I found out that Daryl (author of Unique Frequency) had managed to catch Jason Mraz live in Toronto, I immediately asked him to help me out with a quick review on the goings on. Daryl’s a big music fan that listens to his fair share of music, in fact, you can find some of his personal opinions on music on his personal blog. Thanks Daryl!

If you’re a big fan of Mr AZ (and you should be!) then you gotta give this post a good read. So without further adieu….

Jason Mraz is currently on tour, and I travelled to Massey Hall in Toronto from Kingston to catch him, and what a show it was! The tour is a promotional tour for the “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” album, and he performed virtually all the songs from his new album, as well as the all-time favourites “You And I Both” as well as “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)”.

One of the really fun things that the audience could do was sms in messages and they would appear right on the screen behind him, and later in the show we could send picture attachments by phone, and they would appear on the screen as well.

As someone who caught Jason Mraz in Singapore back in 2006 at the Esplanade but missed him at Singfest, I’ve not had a live Mraz fix for a long time, and of course, he didn’t disappoint. Whether it was slow ballads or fast-get-off-your-feet tunes, every song was performed perfectly, musically and lyrically.

One thing I always enjoyed about Jason Mraz shows is how he gets the audience involved. There were fairly simple actions accompanying “The Dynamo Of Volition” (that audiences who were at Singfest should be familiar with), as well as great sing-along parts for “I’m Yours”, which was undoubtedly the song with the loudest welcome from the crowd.

Overall, it was an excellent performance and I don’t think anyone in the crowd was disappointed. If you want to catch all the songs performed live in video, head on over to for a full run down

As you can probably tell by now, I made my choice and decided to go for the amazing bass show performed by the greatest bassists in the world today. Now, a few hours after the show, I’m still reeling from the all the groove kicked up by the 3 “crazy people” as Victor Wooten put it so aptly.

Not quite a showcase of pyrotechnics and wizardry as G3 is. However, SMV had this uncanny ability to lock the whole audience in a tight groove. From start to finish, the audience kept nodding, tapping their feet or clapping to the beat of the band.

Of course, each of the individual bassists had do a little bit of showing off on their own, and each of them had their own special something to bring to the table. Victor had his inventive genius, particularly in his use of the looper machine. Marcus Miller demonstrated unfair amounts of talent by playing not just the bass, but the saxophone and the bass clarinet as well. My favourite was Stanley Clarke with his unmistakable tone (there were times I couldn’t tell Wooten and Miller apart clearly) and who went on to show off his mastery of the acoustic bass.

My fellow audience members were particularly receptive to SMV, applauding enthusiastically after every single solo and the occasional cry of “We love you Stanley!” could be heard now and then. It was a great experience really for $40.

Marcus Miller had a question for the Singapore audience early in the show,

“Singapore, do you like bass?”

Hell yeah.