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I’ll be playing guitar for the uber-talented Eli Tee at the esplanade, Singapore on 15 and 22 February 2011. Unlike my other gigs, this one’s focus will be on Singapore’s music from the 60s.

I must admit that coming up with arrangements for these songs was very difficult making the music styles 50 years ago work for a present-day audience is a quite challenge. Still, what better way to pursue music as a Singaporean than to first give a nod to heroes from our golden age of music?

Eric Clapton replied “That’s the way I play.”
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Imagine what would’ve happened if he took every little criticism and tried to please everyone?
Sometimes you gotta go out there and just do your thing. Forget what other people say and know your sound. Sometimes.

Thanks for the great show in Singapore tonight Eric! I had a blast.


Apparently, Singapore music in the 60s was really something; people would actually bother to listen to the local bands and give their support. Bands like The Quests, Naomi and the Boys, The Crescendos actually made it to the local charts and did well.



Apparently, this golden age of Singapore music kinda died because of a myriad of factors: they promoted terrible western culture; including males with long hair. I’ve heard stories of the The Beatles landing in Singapore and not being allowed to perform because they had long hair.



Apparently, Singapore music has since lost that kind of clout it had with the local market. Unless you’re talking about the mando pop scene. The quests and the trailers disbanded eventually; it wasn’t practical anymore. This same reason pervades our music scene to this day.

Apparently, some of Singapore music from the 60s is available on youtube today. If you’re a Singaporean who loves music, then like it or hate it. Don’t ignore it. It’s our heritage, and we haven’t topped the success they had for the past few decades.

So in recent months, I’ve started collaborated with the extremely (and unfairly) talented Eli T, a singer who also happens to have an exceptional talent for producing music as well.

Gigs, recordings, originals with the dude… Watch this space fellas.

Here’s a link to a recording we recently did – Demi Lovato’s Different Summers