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Yes, I am one of those ever-hopeful type Singaporean listeners who hope that one day, Singapore will be capable of producing songs that the whole world will enjoy. I know it sounds kinda dumb, looking at our local musicans’ popularity, but we all can dream right? And no, I’m not talking about hiring overseas talent in this regard.

I must also admit that my knowledge of local music is quite bad. I know there’s more to local music than Electrico, Taufik or Sylvester Sim, I’m just not aware of these groups. So when I stumbled across this forum page, I got pretty excited.

In case you haven’t heard about them. The Firebrands are a local band who actually care about their marketing. They had recently gone on tour in the states and are now in the process of writing for their 2nd album. And just to make sure that we know what they sound like, they released their entire first album for free over here.

Listening to some of their tracks, I found their music to be aggressive and yet catchy at the same time. They were kinda like rage against the machine. In fact, I actually liked some of their tunes such as Katrina and Scarecrow and the fire. Of course, they weren’t perfect. A lot of the songs started to sound the same and I felt their lyrics didn’t sit well with the melody as I would’ve liked.

So I didn’t completely fall in love with the album and band in the same way I fell in love with Oasis. I DO feel that if Singapore ever has a thriving local music scene, Firebrands stands a good chance of being right smack in the thick of it all.

Any other local artists I should be listening to? Anyone??