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That’s right ladies and gents, Sting‘s headed to Singapore.

I may not be Sting’s biggest fan, but I think his songwriting is really something special. Performing alongside lutenist Edin Karamazov, Sting will be performing songs from his classical album Songs from the Labyrinth.

Songs from the Labyrinth is Sting’s personal tribute to 16th century composer John Dowland. A pet project with Karamov, the album went on to take on the world’s classical charts by storm. Sting admits he is a newcomer to classical music, I guess he’s a really good newcomer given his success.

So I checked out a couple of songs on youtube and it truly sounds unique. Sting’s full electric band is replaced with a softer acoustic set up, making his voice come through stronger than ever.

I must admit however that I’m not completely won over by Sting’s crossover into classical music since I’m more interested in contemporary music. While Sting’s voice really shines, I miss his songs. When I watch Sting, I’m more interested in hearing his work than I am his voice.

So should you go for it?

From the looks of it, Sting is only going to be performing his works from Songs from the Labyrinth, so if you go there expecting him to break out into Englishman in New York, you’re certainly in for a rude shock. However, if you’ve listened to the album and just want to hear it live (classical stuff tends to sound much better live), then you’re in for a treat.

If you’re Sting’s biggest fan and are willing to spend money on anything Sting has to offer then you probably won’t need any persuading anyway.


DATE: 8 DEC 2008, MON
TIME 7.30pm (90mins)
VENUE: Esplanade concert hall
PRICE Adults: $100, $200, $300, $400, $600
Get your tickets at Sistic


Sting telling us how he went over to the dark(classical) side

Song: Can she excuse my wrongs. (I like this song the best)

Song: Weep you no more sad fountains

Song: Have you seen the bright lily grow