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As you know, I’m currently agonizing over whether to attend SMV’s performance at the Esplanade. At the same time, I’m also wondering whether I should go for John Scofield’s performance also at the Esplanade, also at the same price (Student discounts!).

Scofield isn’t really something for the uniniated. As they say, Jazz is all about tension and release. For Scofield’s music, it’s MOSTLY about tension, then there’s a teeny weeny bit of release buried somewhere in the song, and I just love it!

BE warned! If you go for his concert without ever listening to music of similar vein (IE. Modern Jazz such as Pat Metheny or Herbie Hancock) you might well feel you’ve wasted your money. Scofield, however, contributes much to modern music that I find sordidly lacking (melody and harmony). He earns my respect for that.

Did I also mention that Joe Lovano was coming with him?

Here’s one of his more err, mellow performances with John Mayer:

PS: I’m probably only going to catch just 1 of these performances, still undecided and open to suggestions!