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There’s just so much autotune in this song that Gwyneth sounds like T Pain!!!!!!


Thought you’d seen the last post didn’t you? Anyways, after a nice long break, I decided I’ll start blogging again.


A few hours ago I was watching Live n Loaded on my Tivo(technically, it’s called the starhub digital station or something, but tivo sounds waaaaay better). In order to stay up to date with whatever’s happening in Singapore’s (possibly) budding music industry, I’ve caught all the episodes so far.

Opinions? The future of Singapore’s rock, indie and whatever music is uncertain, but there’s definitely a chance for a good future.

Certainly, there are the bands that really push Singaporeans to appreciate their own achievements as performers. Plain Sunset, Vertical Rush, The Amps and most notably; Allura come to mind here. My guess is that when people refer to there being potential for homegrown music to thrive Singapore, they’re really thinking of these guys.

I really liked Plain Sunset and Allura the most amongst all the performers so far. Plain Sunset really had the catchiest tunes (IMO) for all the episodes I’ve seen yet(that’ll be four). Tunes are really the thing that’ll give you that edge in the end right? I think Plain Sunset really has it there.

Allura’s frontman(frontwoman really) totally rocked. She just seemed so real, unlike other people when they to rally the crowd. She seems to mean it more than the other performers. Allura’s guitarists IMO have the best riffs when compared to all the other performers as well. Simple, precise and catchy. They really stand out compared to previous performers.  As a guitarist myself, I’m particularly watchful for these guys.

Things aren’t perfect for the music in Singapore though. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. While we’ve had plenty of good performers who’ve been around for a few years. There are really those that aren’t that good. I hesitate to point out names right now.

2. TUNES. I think we could really really really think of better tunes. In all honesty, I just find that generally, songs composed in Singapore really lack good melodies. Sure, there are exceptions such as Plain Sunset or Electrico. I think that’s not enough. Musicians really have to put in much more effort to come up with melodies that are not too monotonous, but not too weird either(there are plenty of those around actually).

3. Live n Loaded picked out a few budding new performers/composers to showcase their talent on live TV. Some of them were ok (like EN-X and For this cycle) Others (like Pervy Boy) errr, need to practise more. I’m not saying we shouldn’t scour our tiny island for musical talent. I’m saying we shouldn’t pluck the fruit before it’s ripe. Most of the bands that I felt weren’t very good were really just well versed in their craft yet. I think they need more time before the’re put up on a big stage on Live TV and branded as “Singapore’s Talent”.

On a final note, I know the buzz word amongst music lovers here at this time is “Support Local”. I think support isn’t just buying their cds and asking all your friends to do so too (that might help a bit).

I think as music lovers and musicians here, we have to give good critiques on our own music. I personally would love to see Singapore Music enter the international market and become a big hit. We as listeners have to do our part to make sure it gets refined properly. It’s our music, let’s make it great.

I love the muppets. I grew up watching Sesame Street and a host of other TV shows. But, the magical thing about Sesame Street (or the muppets) is that I still enjoy watching it now, even though I’m all of 24 years! Other TV shows I watched as a kid (Teenage mutant ninja turtles or Chipmunks) just don’t bring about the same levels of enjoyment as it did then.

Not so for the muppets. I love them as much as I ever did. I think its the music.

Andrea Bocelli and Elmo – Simply adorable!