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In memory of a hero…

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Rants
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It’s been 2 days since a patriot of Singapore died. Rest in peace JBJ.

We were told that we need to pay millions of dollars every year for each of our leaders in order to ensure that the best people are always in power. You proved them wrong. You gave up your cushy government job and your money only to be insulted and treated with disdain. In my eyes you were more qualified than any other to be our leader.

Thanks for everything.



Being in the opposition in Singapore all these years has cost you dearly and you even had to sell off your properties. Any regrets?

I did not have many properties but I had to sell a bungalow in a very fashionable area in Singapore to pay the judgement obtained by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. Having sold that, three years later I bought a small apartment, and then I had to sell that too. All in, I had easily about 12 to 13 suits to pay off. Some people say I was a fool. All I can say is I do not regret it because, to me, life is not all about making money and acquiring wealth. Life is doing something for the people around you.

Source: The Star